Our Consultants

Each House of Colour consultant is hand picked and and interviewed by our House of Colour headquarters in the UK to pick the very best consultants. Training is extensive and completed at our House of Colour USA headquarters in Kansas City. Consultants undergo many days of training and hours and hours of practice to ensure we are the best colour consultants in the world!

Sasha Graham

NW Iowa & Okoboji Associate

Colour Image Consultant

Hi! I’m Sasha! I trained in Colour Analysis in July 2021 and Style in December 2021 to be Deb’s associate in Okoboji, IA. I met Deb getting my Colour and Style Analysis done late in 2020. Being a mom of young children and working in the home, I felt as though I lost part of my identity.

Finding and realizing my own unique beauty is something I can thank Deb Vogel for. We are all uniquely made. House of Colour helped me see that not only are each of us different, we are beautiful because of it! Knowing my colors has allowed me to feel like I show up for the first time in SO LONG. Knowing my style has given me permission to love my body for it’s uniqueness and value my personality. I feel like I am seen for who I am, inside AND out. I can’t wait to see you on your journey! Seeing your confidence grow as you come to life with the power of color and style is my favorite part of this business. 

My husband and our two girls moved to the area in 2019 and have loved making this place home.  We love being outdoors, the lake life and traveling as life allows! I coach at CrossFit Okoboji part time and have found a great community for both our whole family, adults and kids! We are so fortunate we live in a active community!

My Best Colors
Grass Green, Kingfisher Blue  and Royal Purple. I did not own ANY of these colors or many bright colors prior to my Color Analysis!

My Season
Vibrant Autumn


Deb Vogel

Franchise Owner for Sioux Falls, NW Iowa and Okoboji

Colour and Style Image Consultant

Hi!  I’m Deb, and I brought House of Colour to NW Iowa and Sioux Falls back in 2017.  A friend of mine went through the process, and boy, did she start looking great!  I was skeptical, but when I had my color analysis, I was hooked by the science behind the process.  I had no idea colors could make our skin look so awful or so great! When I discovered my Wow Colors, like many of my clients, I had almost none of them in my closet.  Now, I get a compliment almost every day on what I am wearing, and so do my clients.  If only I had this knowledge when I was younger!

I have always loved shopping and clothing, but for the first time in my life, I LOVED my closet, instead of being bored or having ‘nothing to wear’.  I knew I wanted to share this knowledge of how to look and feel great, and save time and money by getting off the fast fashion ‘treadmill’.  Over 500 clients later, it has been so rewarding to hear the stories of how this process has changed the lives of men and women…and I never get tired of hearing them.  I am their biggest cheerleader!  The most exciting part is having two great associates working with me as we expand.  We are here to help you live YOUR best life!

My Best Colors
Electric Blue.  Until I did my Color Analysis, I never had it in my closet in my life.  Truth.

My Color Profile and Season
Sultry/Jewel Winter (more Jewel since going gray!) and a Dramatic Gamine.


Jenna Doxtad

Sioux Falls Associate

Colour Image Consultant

Hi! I’m Jenna! I have been an associate with the team since July 2021 and I work with Sioux Falls clients.  My husband, David and I made Sioux Falls our home in 2018 and absolutely love it here.  I am a mom of not one, but two sets of twins! Sophie and Louie are 5, and Teddy and Archie are 1.

Shopping is my very favorite hobby, and being able to help women and men feel the best they can feel in their wardrobe is so special!

When I’m not busy taking care of my babes, I love being with my family and friends and have recently taken up golfing! I am a sultry winter and love to make you feel your absolute best. 

My Best Colors
Emerald and Fuchsia are two of my very best colors. 

My Season
Sultry Winter