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The Wardrobe Revolution

Know your best Colors and Style.

Simplify your life.

Save time and money.

Show up for life as your best self.

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to helping men, women and children transform their lives by using Color and Body Science to convert their closets into a capsule wardrobe that empowers them with confidence.
Our services help clients in simplifying shopping and saving them money by only purchasing what looks best and feels authentic to them.
Our mission is to end the fast fashion cycle and its effects on our planet by investing in quality over quantity, while finding satisfaction in a life where “less is more”.

Meet Our Team

Deb Vogel

Sasha Graham

Jenna Doxtad

What are clients saying about these services?

- Bekah W.

“This is a GAME CHANGER!!”

– Sharon C.

“You have changed how I feel about myself. I had such a low self image, but now I get compliments, and feel so much more confident knowing my best Colors and Style!”

– Josey S.

“I discovered I was a Winter and have slowly been changing my closet over. It has made a serious difference!! For the last two tax seasons I worked at a tax office, and this year I’ve gotten so many complements on my clothes! I feel great knowing my colors! Thank you very much!”

– Sharon W.

“I have been consumed with this colour thing. I have noticed how people respond differently to me. But the most amazing thing is how I notice myself in mirrors in the store. I used to look in the mirror and feel really dowdy. Now when I look in the mirror I think to myself ‘not bad’. I wear the makeup EVERY day. I love the base. I can’t believe it goes on so quickly and evenly and is still there at bedtime. I’ve been practicing getting my colors. I have a new lease on life. THANK YOU!”